Hakan He is the uncontested champion of Turkish oil wrestling and has been so for years. He is out to prove the superiority of his fighting style and to find worthy opponents.
Dudley This English boxer is a refined gentleman. Always looking for a clean fight, his regard for the rules can be seen as a weakness in a street fight.
Ibuki This high school girl lives in a ninja village. Having been raised in a ninja clan, she often dreams of an ordinary life enjoyed by other girls her age.
Makoto Though she looks young, her fighting prowess is nearly unmatched. She is a country girl raised in the rural Tosa region of Japan.
Adon This-self proclaimed "King of Muay Thai" makes his naked contempt for others known with his surly attitude and tendency to throw insults at those he feels are inferior.
Cody Despite his history as one of the heroes who liberated Metro City from the grips of the evil Mad Gear gang, Cody has a short temper and his penchant for starting fights has landed him in prison.
Dee Jay Though he is the Jamaican kickboxing champion, he moonlights as a musician, releasing popular albums in his spare time. His disposition is extremely cheerful and he is always smiling.
Guy This serious-minded ninja is a practitioner of Bushinryu. He speaks in traditional Japanese, lending a stiff formality to his speech and mannerisms.
Juri This S.I.N. agent has earned the nickname of "spider." She is very aggressive and takes pleasure in causing pain to her opponents.
T.Hawk This warrior is a member of the Thunderfoot tribe. His father, Arroya Hawk, was killed by M.Bison and his tribe was forced from their tribal land as a result.
Abel Abel is actually nothing more than a genetically engineered replacement body created for use by M.Bison. He was to be disposed of with the other failed specimens, but he alone managed to survive and escape.
M.Bison The leader of the evil organization Shadaloo, Bison is responsible for the underground trade of drugs and weapons. He possesses a supernatural power known as Psycho Power that he wields for evil purposes.
Seth The final boss of the game and the one responsible for holding the tournament, Seth is actually one of many genetically engineered replacement bodies created for use by M.Bison.
Cammy This young woman is a member of the esteemed group of operatives known as Delta Red. She was discovered three years ago with amnesia and taken under the wing of her commander, Col. Wolfman.
Chun-Li This Interpol detective wears an outfit reminiscent of traditional Chinese dresses. She is bent on revenge against Bison, who killed her father in retaliation for his investigation into Bison's drug trade.
Dan Dan is a Hong Kong-born fighter of Japanese descent. He travels the world in an effort to spread his own self-developed fighting style known as Saikyo.
El Fuerte El Fuerte enjoys two careers that he loves equally: luchador wrestling and cooking. His enthusiasm is palpable and he is very passionate about everything he does.
Ken Ken studied martial arts alongside Ryu and considers him his most competent rival. Though he was born into wealth, he believes in hard work and earned his fighting prowess through intense training.
Rufus This rotund American fighter loves motorcycles and travels everywhere on his favorite bike. He is extremely confident and rarely talks about topics other than himself.
Ryu Ryu lives only for the fight and seeks opponents stronger than himself. He fights using the art of Ansatsuken as taught to him by his master, Gouken.
Sagat Sagat is the undisputed king of the art of Muay Thai. Following his defeat at the hands of Ryu, in which his chest was scarred by a Shoryuken, he temporarily disappeared from the fighting scene.
C.Viper This worldly fighter is a CIA agent. She is also a single mother and her daughter, Lauren, is on her mind at all times.
Balrog This brutal boxer has little respect for the rules and fights with a violent bloodlust. Having grown up poor, he places a high value on money and considers the poor to be beneath him.
Blanka Blanka survived a plane crash only to be orphaned in the jungles of the Amazon. Though his fighting style is primitive and mostly consists of bites and spinning moves, he possesses real skill and is a formidable opponent.
Dhalsim This mystic yogi practices an esoteric form of yoga. He engages in street fighting to earn money for his poor village.
Guile This calm and stoic soldier is a martial arts champion. He has thrown away that which was important to him in a quest to avenge his friend Charlie Nash who was killed by Bison.
Rose Though Rose acts as a fortune teller in Genoa by day, she possesses a rare psychic ability called "Soul Power". Calm and collected, she is always in control of the situation.
Sakura Having witnessed one of Ryu's fights by pure chance, Sakura endeavored to imitate his style and began street fighting herself. Like a true youngster, she seems to get a genuine thrill out of fighting despite the danger, often developing her own new moves.
Vega This narcissistic maniac loves nothing more than beauty and wishes to see all ugly people drown in a pool of their own blood. He is a practitioner of Spanish Ninjyutsu and relies on his swift and graceful movement and the claw affixed to his hand to fight.
Zangief This Russian wrestler is popularity known as the "Red Cyclone". Inside his massive chest beats the heart of a true patriot.
Akuma This warrior values strength over all else, going so far as to abandon his own humanity as a means to obtain more. It is thought that the Buddhist beads around his neck represent warriors who have fallen before him.
E. Honda This maveric of the sumo circuit managed to attain the rank of Ozeki. His friendly personality and flash presence in the ring have earned him great popularity among fans.
Fei Long This Hong Kong native is a skilled practitioner of Kung fu. He bagan studying the art at the age of 6 and now uses his skills to thrill audiences as an action movie star.
Gen This professional assassin is in his 70s. Once his assassination art had been perfected, he made a name for himself in the underworld.
Gouken Gouken is Ryu and Ken's master and elder brother of the dreaded Akuma. He practices a branch of Ansatsuken that differs slightly from the one he tought to his students Ryu and Ken.