Street Fighter Inspired Art Posters

The fine folks at Fro Design Co  have put together some amazing vintage travel posters based off of stages from Street Fighter II. They even included the now defunct Transworld Airlines  in the posters, as they were prevalent in the late 80's, early 90's. Continue on for more or go here to order .

Street Fighter Online Series Update

The first tournaments for the Street Fighter Online Series, the online portion of the Capcom Pro Tour hosted by Virgin Gaming, just went live yesterday for both PS3 and Xbox 360.  The speed at which the spots filled up in the United States and Europe has been blistering to say the least. There seems to be some confusion on how the online tournaments will work, so please read below for a full explanation.

Online tournaments will take place regularly in North America, Latin America and Europe.  Once the qualification portion of the tournament begins, it’s a race to fill up the bracket.  Players will need to win three matches in a row, to then be able to qualify for the double elimination bracket.  These qualifying matches can be played at any point until April 15th, however once the 16 spots are accounted for, the qualifying matches end.  If you happen to be returned to the landing page upon signing up, it’s because the cap has already been met, and the double elimination bracket has been filled.

For those who have made it in, the double elimination bracket will take place on April 15 th , and all players in the bracket will receive ranking points toward the Capcom Cup this December.    

Currently spots have been completely filled for the United States Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 tournaments, and Europe’s Xbox 360 tournament.  There are still spots available for PlayStation 3 in Europe, as well as both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Latin America. 

For the future online tournaments, we plan on increasing the cap based on demand per region. So to those who did not make it in this time, look forward to next month and another chance to win those ever so sweet Capcom Pro Tour points. 

Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Events and Player Results Updated

Last weekend two awesome events happened that showed off some extremely high level SSFIV AE ver 2012 play. Both definitely had surprising results, which have added some new faces to the Capcom Pro Tour point rankings. Head over to the Capcom Pro Tour site to see who these players are and be sure to check out the newly added full player standings to see how the rest of the competition is stacking up.

FREEDOM PREVAILS: A Capcom Tribute to Captain America

When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yiiiiiiield

It would certainly seem The Walt Disney Company has me buy the short and curlies these days, and once again, it’s leaking over into Unity. I mean, at least DuckTales: Remastered provided a somewhat legitimately reason for gushing about Mouse-related properties, but what I did with Monster Hunter and the new Muppets movie teeters upon the line being inexcusable. So thank goodness for the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier, as it puts crossover nerdom into much more justifiable Unity territory!

We’re all excited about Marvel’s new film after all, so why not concoct a soaring tribute to one of their most enduring heroes with the wonderful representation he’s enjoyed via Capcom throughout the last two decades?! Here’s to you, Cap!


Online Tournaments for Capcom Pro Tour Points Announced

Earlier last month I announced the arrival of the Capcom Pro Tour . In the announcement we mentioned that there were going to be six spots available for the Capcom Cup, which would be awarded to those who accumulated the highest amount of Capcom Pro Tour points this year. In addition to the points gained from the premier events and ever growing ranking events, we are now pleased to introduce the online events, hosted by Virgin Gaming. Head over to Capcom Pro Tour for the official announcement. 

Subtle Capcom references pop up in Steven Universe

A little bit of DuckTales/Mega Man love courtesy of Cartoon Network

As spotted by Espiownage , Cartoon Network gave a little shoutout to the lil' blue bot on its March 17th episode of Steven Universe, “ Onion Trade .” While some folks in the Mega Man forums  are debating whether or not the opening scene, which establishes Stephen’s love for a set toys that all have the last name “Guy”, is intentionally referencing Mr. Man, allow me to settle this for you: It does.

Come on, look at that screen! Watch the episode and see for yourself.

If that weren’t enough Capcom reverence for ya, there was also a clever, fairly specific DuckTales nod later in the same episode (about 45 seconds into this clip .) I’ve only watched the first episode of Steven Universe, but I thought it was fantastic. However, what I love even more than new shows like this and Gravity Falls referencing the beloved Capcom games from my youth, it’s that they’re being broadcast to an audience made up largely of viewers too young to have actually experienced them.

Previously in Animated Capcom References, Gravity Falls !

Yes, I’m aware many adults watch the show too, but they’re expected to laugh at these references. If the kiddies get the 8/16-bit references, great! If they don’t, I imagine it’s like the befuddlement I experienced seeing references to WWII rationing and/or Jimmy Durante caricatures in old Looney Tunes cartoons. And that kind of stuff either made me more aware of a previous generations’ pop culture and/or made me more curious to find out more. Apologies for babbling on about cartoons yet again , but the prospect of an 8-year-old either knowing or getting to know Mega Man makes me want to hug the whole dang planet.

Ranking System Launched on the Capcom Pro Tour Website

We are excited to announce that the ranking system has been launched on the Capcom Pro Tour site .  From here on out, you can expect the ranking system to be updated each Friday with the latest standings, so you can check the progress of your favorite players as they fight to earn a spot in this year’s Capcom Cup.  Additionally, as time goes on, we we will be adding more details to the top 16 player profiles such as interview videos, past tournament matches and more.


We’d like congratulate Ryan Hart, who put on a stellar performance at Final Round to become the first player qualified for the Capcom Cup.  Be sure to check out the recap report on the website, along with links to each of the matches, if you weren’t able to watch it live. 

Also, make sure you tune in this weekend to Café ID Global Tournament in South Korea, which has compiled an insane amount of exceptional players, which is sure to impress. 

Stay tuned for more details, we are close to finalizing our plans for the online portion of the league, and have plenty of new announcements to come in the near future.  

FINALLY: Mike Tyson vs Balrog

Or is it M. Bison vs Bike Talrog? So very confused…

After all these years of speculation and urban legends, the most wonderful thing in the universe has occurred! Yes friends, Mike Tyson and Balrog have finally been merged into a singular entity by YouTuber,  Vogey , who has thankfully once-and-for-all merged the gap-toothed pugilists into one fearsome final form via four minutes of fight footage synced to the appropriate soundtrack. This was... destiny:

Ahhh … the Sweet Science made even sweeter with Street Fighter. And you know it’s legit, because Mike Tyson himself retweeted it

Street Fighter X Breaking Bad

The creativity that our fans show know no bounds. Capcom Unity member Double J  has spent the last three months putting together this fun nod to Street Fighter and quite possibly the greatest T.V. show ever made Breaking Bad . What do you guys think? Let Double J know in the comments.

Capcom Unity wants YOU to help support the troops

Join Unity and help contribute to a good cause with Operation Supply Drop

Like games and want a reason to feel good about yourself? Oh boy, are we glad you’re here! Capcom Unity is once again teaming up with Operation Supply Drop , a military charity devoted to getting hard-working soldiers video game care packages overseas. We try and donate as many games, fightsticks, and various other pieces of Capcom swag as we can each year, but we’d like to get some special help from YOU .

Check out what Operation Supply Drop does and how playing games can help soldiers deal with combat stress and PTSD

In honor of OSD’s 3rd Annual 8-bit Salute (more on that later) we’ve created a Team Capcom page we really need you to check out. Here you can make a warm-and-fuzzy, tax deductible donation to a good cause. We’ve set a goal for ourselves and we need you to help us get there. Any amount of money you care to donate is appreciated, however, we want to give you a little incentive to do so. First of all, anyone who registers as an Elite user on OSD for $15 will receive an exclusive 10% off coupon code* for the Capcom Store.

For example, if you were buying the Mega Man Silver Statue , you’re essentially paying the same price by donating/using the coupon, but also getting a nice tax deduction in the process (not to mention the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause!) And that ain’t all! We’ll also be regularly offering up handsome prizes and game codes to those who join our team and donate, so we encourage you to go and sign up ASAP. Be sure to check out Polygon’s fantastic feature on Operation Supply Drop and stay tuned for more details.


*Capcom Store coupon is valid April 1st though June 30th, good for a one-time 10% discount on a single-cart purchase. Not applicable towards pre-orders.


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