M.Bison Makes His Return in SFV

The ever evil dictator of Shadaloo, M.Bison, is making his return in SFV. M.Bison has gotten a little older and whole lot more vicious. With an array of new attacks, it's clear that M.Bison's cruelty knows no bounds!

Continue on to see what new tools M.Bison has in store for the World Warriors!

In the latest M.Bison reveal trailer, you can see some of his new attacks in action. If there's one thing that's clear, it's that M.Bison has finally gained extreme control over his Psycho Power.

Now that you're done watching and rewatching that trailer (as I know I did), take a look at these screens which show Bison doing what he does best, destroying those who get in his way!

Bison gives Nash a taste of Psycho Power!

Bison's power exudes through his attacks!

Bison blows away all who challenge him!

Psycho Powered flames surround Bison!

The mighty Bison grins in victory!

With Ryu, Chun-Li and Nash all in present, the mighty Bison will definitely have his psycho charged hands full with competition. Only four characters in and this is shaping up to be the most epic Street Fighter yet!

Who do you think will be the next World Warrior to Rise Up? Let me know in the comments.

Support the troops this weekend by gaming with the fourth annual 8-Bit Salute

For several years now, Operation Supply Drop has been on a noble mission: to send video games and gaming hardware to troops stationed overseas. As I’m sure many of our own readers know, gaming can offer a valuable outlet for coping with depression and anxiety. It can also help alleviate the idle tension that often accompanies serving overseas. 

Through OSD’s annual “8-Bit Salute” fundraiser , they and YOU have helped provide support to over 7,000 US and NATO troops. This year they aim to raise more money than ever for their cause, with a “high score” goal of $1,337,000 (see what they did there?).

For the unfamiliar, the 8-Bit Salute invites fellow gamers not only to donate, but also to recruit   donations from others by marathoning their favorite games during the event weekend. To participate is simple: 

-Register at the 8-Bit Salute page . You can participate as an individual, or create or join a “team.” Or, if you don’t or can’t stream a game yourself, you can simply donate to the cause.

-If you will be participating in the marathon, ask your friends and family to sponsor you. They can make a monthly pledge or a one-time gift. OSD encourages each participant to have a goal of $200 in donations, which amounts to $20 from 10 people. PLUS if you register as ELITE for fifteen bucks, you get a snazzy commemorative T-shirt once you raise $200 on your personal page!

-The marathon commences May 16th 12:00CST through May 17th 12:00CST. Have a seat (or stand) and play games on May 16th and/or 17th and see how long you can hold out and how much you can raise for the troops!

WHO IT BENEFITS:  8-Bit Salute benefits active duty members of the military and veterans who have served the US and NATO allies. Learn more about the successful OSD programs here and read the most up-to-date news here.

Thanks for supporting, and have a game-filled weekend!

Big deals on Steam's Capcom Publisher Weekend

Time for a Steam sale! This weekend, get up to 80% off a big ol' list of Capcom PC titles, from Bionic Commando to Resident Evil on Steam's Publisher Weekend Sale . Hit the jump for the full list, including a 9-game bundle for under forty bucks.

Age of Booty



Bionic Commando



Bionic Commando: Rearmed



Bionic Commando Pack



Capcom Collection 2015



Dark Void



Dark Void Zero



Dead Rising 2



Dead Rising 2 Complete Pack



Dead Rising 3 AE



Devil May Cry 3 SE



DmC Devil May Cry



DmC Devil May Cry Complete Pack



Ducktales Remastered



Dungeons & Dragons






Lost Planet



Lost Planet 3



Remember Me



Resident Evil HD Remaster



Resident Evil 4



Resident Evil 5



Resident Evil 6



Resident Evil 6 Complete Pack



Resident Evil Franchise Pack



Resident Evil Revelations



Resident Evil Revelations Complete



Resident Evil Revelations 2 Ep 1






SSFIV AE - All-in Costume Pack



Ultra Street Fighter IV



Ultra Street Fighter IV - Upgrade





3DS, Wii U eShop sale happening through May 28

From now through May 28 North American players can grab several Capcom classics for cheap!

Wii U

DuckTales Remastered - $6.75 (Was $14.99)

Dungeons & Dragons - $6.00 (Was $14.99)

Resident Evil Revelations - $16.00 (Was $39.99)


Super Street Fighter IV 3D - $8.00 (Was $19.99)

RE: The Mercenaries 3D - $8.00 (Was $19.99)

Resident Evil Revelations - $9.00 (Was $19.99)

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC line-up for May

Looking for more awesome content for your  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ? How about  Mega Man and  Street Fighter  Palico gear, and 2 sets of armor from the  Metroid series for your hunter? If that sounds good to you, then the May DLC pack is for you - and it's all free!

So how did you like that little teaser at the end? ;)

Anyways, we have the whole month of May to get all this cool stuff, and before I get to the usual list, let's just take a moment to identify all the unique weapons and armor here:

Hunter equipment:
- Metroid's Varia Suit
- Metroid's Zero Suit
- Metroid's Arm Cannon
- Taiko Drum Master Hunting Horn
- USJ's Star Rook armor
- USJ's Starlight Axe Charge Blade

Palico equipment:
- Mega Man
- Blanka
- Chun-Li
- USJ's F Star
- Cha-Cha
- Kayamba

Now add all that to  March   and  April content and make sure you have enough free content to make completionists go crazy... especially considering we're still not done!

Alright, now onto the pure numbers:

14  New quests
5 New weapons
3  Complete armor sets
6 Palico weapons
6  Palico armor sets
1  Bonus Palico:  Yellow Pal
3  Guild Card backgrounds
2  Guild Card poses
15  Guild Card titles
1  Poogie outfit:  Kitchen Pig
 items sold by the Wycoon

To get this content, all you need to do is  1)  connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet,  2)  load your copy of  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3)  go to the "DLC" menu and  4)  download all the things!

Quests will be saved under "Event Quests" (with the Questatrix) and "Challenge Quests" (with the Arena Bambina) in the Gathering Hall. G-Rank quests and G-Rank Challege Quests can be found in the Elder Hall and Assembly, respectively.

So good luck getting all that stuff, but please let me know if you do! =)

Happy Hunting!

Banjo Guy Ollie' Guile's theme banjo cover also goes with everything

After covering two iconic Mega Man tracks ( MM2 Dr. Wily Stage and MMX Opening Stage ) Banjo Guy Ollie steps into the Street Fighter ring with an awesome rendition of the theme that goes with everything ! Check it out below:

If you enjoyed this as much as I did, remember to also check out his other Capcom covers:

Mega Man X - Opening Stage
Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage  

Here's hoping he continues producing awesome banjo Capcom covers. =)

Rise Up! New SFV Shirts and Hoodies Available

Have you seen the new SFV gear the Koyote Boyz were wearing as they help Pacquiao Rise Up for his mega fight this weekend against Floyd Mayweather? Pretty fresh right?

Want a chance at winning either one these T-Shirts or Hoodies? All you have to do is put down who you think will win between Mayweather and Pacquiao in the comments before Saturday, May 2nd at 11am PST. I'll check them on Monday and announce the winners.

For those who can't wait or don't win, you can get your  shirt or hoodie at the Capcom Store . RISE UP!

Xbox Capcom publisher sale has something for everyone.

Xbox is holding a Capcom publisher sale, knocking up to 70% off a huge range of Capcom titles. Read on for the complete list. Prices in parentheses are for Xbox LIVE non-Gold members. The cheaper prices are for Gold members. Enjoy!

Xbox One                           
Resident Evil HD Remaster - $ 19.99 | $14.99 ($15.99)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 - $ 5.99 | $2.99 ($3.59)
Strider - $ 14.99 | $4.95 ($6.00)
Super Ultra Dead Rising 3' Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α  - $ 9.99 | $5.00 ($5.99)
Dead Rising 3 Season Pass - $ 29.99 | $14.99 ($17.99) 

Xbox 360
Resident Evil HD Remaster - $ 19.99 | $14.99 ($15.99)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 - $ 5.99 | $2.99 ($3.59)
Resident Evil 4 - $ 19.99 | $5.99 ($7.99)
Resident Evil 5 - $ 19.99 | $5.99 ($7.99)
Resident Evil 6 - $ 19.99 | $7.99 ($9.99)
Resident Evil Code Veronica - $ 19.99 | $5.99 ($7.99)
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - $ 39.99 | $7.99 ($11.99)
Devil May Cry HD Collection - $ 29.99 | $7.49 ($9.89)
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen - $ 39.99 | $9.99 ($13.19)
Dead Rising 2 - $ 29.99 | $5.99 ($8.99)
Dead Rising 2 Off The Record - $ 19.99 | $4.99 ($6.59)
Asura's Wrath - $ 39.99 | $9.99 ($13.19)
Lost Planet 2 - $ 19.99 | $3.99 ($5.99)
Lost Planet 3 - $ 39.99 | $9.99 ($13.19)
Duck Tales Remastered - $ 14.99 | $4.94 ($5.99)
Remember Me - $ 39.99 | $7.99 ($11.99)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - $ 29.99 | $5.09 ($8.99)
Ultra Street Fighter IV DLC Upgrade - $ 14.99 | $10.04 ($11.24)
Street Fighter x Tekken - $ 39.99 | $7.99 ($11.99)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - $ 14.99 | $3.74 ($4.94)
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD - $ 9.99 | $2.49 ($3.29)
Strider - $ 14.99 | $4.94 ($5.99)
Mega Man 9 - $ 9.99 | $2.99 ($3.99)

USFIV Netcode Improvements for Steam Live Now

Hey all! Just wanted to make sure that everyone out there is aware that the improvements that went into the USFIV Steam Beta branch have been moved over and now are live in the main branch. Many users have reported that the patch has improved their online experience .

With the number of PC players constantly growing and the experience being so much smoother these days, it's the perfect time to hop online and find out who the strongest really is.

USFIV Ver. 1.05 Patch Coming Tomorrow

Hey everyone, got some news for you regarding the USFIV version 1.05 patch dropping on consoles (Xbox360 and PS3 @2am PST) and Steam (@8am PST) tomorrow. For those wondering what will be included in the version 1.05 patch, continue on!

USFIV Edition Changes:


Must charge downback to activate the anti-air version of DCM.



Super: Added Armor Break



Target Combo 2: MP>MP (close range) 

Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Yoga Bringer: Added Armor to EX version also

Super: Added Armor Break



Target Combo: MK>MK>HK (hold HK to charge) 



Sky High Claw: Command Change to {Charge down, Up+P} (input P for follow up on all versions except EX) Added Armor Break to non EX versions also.



Super: Added Armor Break



Psycho Drain: (NEW) 63214+P (close to opponent) 

Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Grappling: 236+P (Changed EX version to “Sky High Tornedo”) 

Sky High Tornedo: 236+PP (EX version of Grappling, consumes 2 EX stock) 



Super: Added Armor Break



Target Strike: Added EX version {Performed as 214+KK, after hitting any forward jump attack except HK}



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Soul Bubble (NEW): 421+P

Soul Bubble EX (NEW): 421+PP (consumes 2 EX stock)

Super: Added Armor Break



Saikyo Ryu Hidden Tech: Funjinken (NEW): 623+P (Input {3+P} on the same frame)

Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Target Combo 5:  Changed command to {LP > LK>  MP}

Palm: 214+P (Hold LP version to change effect)



Rasetsuko (NEW): 623+K



Target Combo 3 (NEW): 6+HP > HP

Gorai Hadoken: 63214+P

Gorai Hadoken EX: 63214+PP (Consumes 2 EX stock. Hold PP to change properties)

Kyoseijin EX:  623+KK

Zanku Hadosho: 214+P (in air). Can perform EX version only during back jump.



Super: Added Armor Break



Patriot Fury (NEW): EX version of Patriot Circle {236+PP} Consumes 2 EX stock.

Super: Added Armor Break



Super1: Added Armor Break

Super2: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break

NINJA EDIT!  The Omega Edition Gen infinite as well as other infinites  and bugs have been addressed, so look forward to the patch tomorrow! 


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