An Introduction to the USFIV Omega Edition Characters: Part V

Hey guys, Ayano-san is back yet again with more Omega Mode information. Check out the new stuff that's been given to the SFIII fighters. 

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

Man, this year is just flying by! We’re already more than halfway through November, and Christmas decorations are going up all over town. What I’d really like from Santa this year is some time off to properly kick back and relax...

But until then, let’s keep the ball rolling with part five of the Ultra SFIV Omega Edition introductions. The SFIII crew is on the chopping block for this week, which means we’ll be covering Ibuki, Dudley, Makoto, Yun, Yang, Hugo, and Elena. Let’s see what’s in store for them in Omega Edition!


Kagenui: Throw a kunai at your opponent’s feet to stop them in their tracks.

Since Ibuki is a character that specializes in attacking on the ground using her command normal and target combos, I feel that Kagenui will give her another viable option for her ground-based attack game.

The EX version of Kagenui uses two bars of super meter and turns into Yami Shigure!

This was a major part of Ibuki’s 3 rd Strike arsenal, and it’s finally making a return in Omega Edition!

Ibuki has also received sweeping changes to her command normals, regular moves, and special moves, and her target combos have been changed up too.

My inspiration: More bang for your buck!



Sway: We’ve changed Dudley’s Short Swing Blow into a follow-up move, and in return we’re giving him Sway and Sway Back. Sway is done with the light attack. He has upper-body invincibility while he’s posing.

The medium and fierce versions will give him Sway Back. It’s a much bigger Sway with throw invincibility! Press a punch button during Sway for a new move, Cutting Upper, or press punch during Sway Back for Short Swing Blow.

Pressing a kick button during Sway or Sway Back will give you Step In. It has projectile invincibility and is better than Ducking for really getting in there.

It’s not easy to tell from looking at the pictures, but we really wanted to emphasize Dudley’s boxing skills in Omega Edition, so we’ve added feint moves, which I think will make him more fun to play.

My inspiration: A very technical heavyweight champion!



In Omega Edition, we really wanted Tanden Renki to be used more offensively, so Makoto can now do it with two or more bars of super meter! The startup time and duration will change depending on how much meter she has when she activates it.

While active, all of her special moves (with the exception of Karakusa) will be modified for offensive use, and even her basic movements will change!

Performing a Focus Attack during Tanden Renki will give her the Kumoharai, armor that protects her from damage and eliminates block and hit stun when receiving an attack. It’s a parry-like move similar to Ryu’s Hanagashi.

Isana: Makoto steps in and delivers a powerful headbutt. It doesn’t have a lot of reach but it can be used in combos. It breaks armor and is faster than Oroshi, so it should be useful for keeping your opponent in check.

For Omega, we wanted to make Makoto into a character who unleashes her true potential once she’s in Tanden Renki, like Hakan does when he’s oiled up. Her new offensive moves mean that she can be really scary once she starts to put the pressure on! Omega Makoto is one character that won’t be afraid of getting all up in her opponent’s business!

My inspiration: This homegirl is so angry, she’s turned beet-red.



Shukuchi Rimon Chochu: Press F, F, Punch for this unique quick elbow strike.

Although the commands make this move look like a command normal, it’s actually a special move and can be canceled into accordingly. This move works well with Yun’s Genei Jin super, and it should be fun integrating it into his combos.

During the EX version, press two punch buttons after it hits for Renkan Shoko.

It uses an extra bar of meter, but it’ll launch the opponent, leaving you set up to perform some prime follow-up attacks.

I feel like this move might become the basis of Yun’s combos and offense. His existing moves have changed as well, so you’ll have new ways to play whether you’re on the ground or in the air.

My inspiration: A freestyle kung fu artist!


Rengeki Tourouha

EX Tourouzan uses two bars of meter and on hit becomes a powerful multi-hit striking move! It deals a lot of damage and can be comboed into, making this a move you’ll definitely want to use.

Honshin: A counter move. The attack changes based on the strength of the button pressed, and the EX version also has another variation. If you get a good read on your opponent’s attack patterns, you can use this move to turn the tables in an instant! It feels great to make a good read and get a solid counter-attack in, don’t you think?

My inspiration: Yang reading his opponent’s every move!



Victory Column: We weren’t quite sure what we wanted to do with Hugo in Omega. So the first step, naturally, was to give him a Shoryuken. The EX version is completely invincible.

This can be FADC’ed into his Ultra 2!

Time for a royal smackdown!

Diamond Body: A counter move with armor properties, similar to a parry. Like Ryu’s Hanagashi, it eliminates any hit or block stun, and Hugo will be able to perform moves afterwards with additional inputs.

Hugo’s huge body makes it difficult for him to put up much of a defense if his opponent goes into rushdown mode, so in Omega we wanted to expand his defensive options so that he can be menacing even while standing still.

My inspiration: A titan hovering above us.



Sylph Amulet: A super combo that calls upon the power of nature!

The power of wind draws the opponent in...

...and an explosion of force sends them flying! It doesn’t do a lot of damage but it’s completely invincible, so it’s sure to be useful in close-range battles. There’s something else to this move...but I think I’ll let you figure out what that is on your own.

Giraffe Neck: Elena goes into a handstand and performs a downward-angled kick with both feet.

Elena’s specialty is mid-hitting attacks, and this is a move that’s very difficult to get a good read on. A good fit for Elena, I’d say.

Omega Elena is good at getting past the opponent’s defenses using mid and low attacks. We’ve also adjusted her existing moves to give her more flavor. We really like the balance job we’ve done with our energetic, stretchy friend!

My inspiration: Godlike feet.


That will wrap things up for the SFIII cast. I’m sure the parry-like moves caught your attention, didn’t they? We feel like we’ve created these characters using the best parts from SFIV and SFIII. I think this is a great chance for SFIII players who have yet to get into SFIV to finally give it a chance!

Next week we’ll be covering Hakan, Juri, Evil Ryu, Oni, and Poison. The theme? Um, Challengers? Second Wave of Newcomers? The New New Kids on the Block? Something like that!

See you next time!

An Introduction to the USFIV Omega Edition Characters: Part IV

It's Thursday, so I know all of you out there are waiting for your Omega Mode character updates! That said, I present this week's batch to you. Additionally, Ayano-san also talks about a new Yun issue that was just found out and Capcom's reaction to it.

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

This week, let’s jump right into it with part four of the Ultra SFIV Omega Edition introductions. The theme this week is The Alpha Series, so we’ll be looking at Sakura, Gen, Rose, Guy, Cody, Adon, and Rolento. These are some fairly technical characters, and I’m sure you’re all dying to find out how they’ve been changed in Omega. Get ready fighters...go for broke!


Okakyaku: Sakura’s dive kick. This move has been in other games, so some of you might already be familiar with it.

This versatile tool not only lets Sakura change her jump arc, but also gives her another option for disrupting your opponent’s footsie game. The start-up time isn’t that great, but we believe it will be a nice complement to her overall game.

The EX version hits twice. With no height restriction, it’s a good move to use to try and create that round-winning opening!

Hadosho is a version of her Hadoken that stays in place, similar to Hakkei. It’s a strong move that can be used in combos. Sakura has gained a lot of moves that can pin the opponent down. This, together with the addition of more powerful moves, gives her a better chance of making a big comeback.

My inspiration: A poetic flurry of cherry blossoms.



Kokukan: Gen in the Mantis Style can now use chain combos, just like he could in the Alpha series! Gen is a character who has always required a bit of effort, but this gives him something nice and easy.

Just hit the buttons and everything connects. However, it doesn’t follow the same conventions as the chain combos from the Darkstalkers series.

Note that you can’t cancel regular special moves from Kokukan—you’ll need to use an EX special or something greater. He can also use his style change like an EX special move, which opens up possibilities for more technical movements.

Go from Kokukan into Setsunasen, and this gives you a style change, which leads to...Ryukoha!

Both the Mantis and Crane Styles have received significant overhauls, making Gen into a formidable character.

My inspiration: Mantis and Crane styles, times two!



Aura Soul Spark Due: Rose gets two additional super combos!

Rose has primarily been a character who waits and responds to her opponent, but by giving her this multi-hit forward-moving super combo we’re hoping to make Rose into a more aggressive character. The different punch buttons lead to different variations—the fierce punch version gives you Soul Spark Tre, which starts off with a strengthened version of Soul Reflect and leads into Soul Spark. Makes you feel like Alpha series Rose is back, doesn’t it?

Soul Passing: A counter-like move that gives Rose the opportunity to follow-up with an attack. It’s similar to the Alpha Counter system.

With attack options, solid defense, and additional moves, Rose is a character that can do it all.

My inspiration: Rose getting her groove back!



Saikyoryu Defense: The first time I saw this I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Omega Dan gets a pushblock?!

Press all three punch buttons while blocking to activate it. But instead of pushing your opponent back, Dan will retreat. Well, that’s appropriate for Dan, don’t you think?

Danretsuken: If the first hit connects, rapidly press the punch buttons to unleash a barrage of attacks! Good for ending combos, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of reach.

We wanted to keep Dan’s personality intact while giving him new moves that expand his potential. I feel like the changes we’ve made definitely make Dan a character worth using.

My inspiration: Dan with limitless potential!


Utsusemi: They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Got it? Yep, Guy gets his very own Kawarimi no Jutsu! It’s got armor on startup, and as you absorb a hit Guy will teleport to the other side of the opponent. This is good for setting up combo opportunities, and can be used in place of the Focus Attack.

We’ve also made some modifications to Guy’s Run. You can do Hagakure Ten and Hagakure Chi from the EX Run by using the medium and fierce punch buttons respectively.

Appear above their head and drop an elbow on ‘em!

I think that by expanding Guy’s movement techniques and giving him more ninja-like actions we’ve made him into one cool character.

My inspiration: A stud who has perfected the Bushinryu style!



Final Combination: Cody’s iconic attack from Final Fight! This is pretty close to his Final Destruction from Alpha 3.

Start it off using light punch, and then keep tapping light punch for a four-hit combo. Just like in Final Fight, all you need is one button to dish out the pain!

Finish it off with an uppercut to the chin! He can also choose to throw his opponent mid-combo, another move that was present in Final Fight.

While we’re being nostalgic, check out the Mega Crash.

Instead of sapping life, this time the move uses one bar of EX meter. Because of its invincibility, it’s a great move to use when you’re cornered or otherwise feeling pressured.

In Omega we wanted to bring out more of Cody’s Final Fight personality, and I think the changes we’ve made make him easier to play. Final Combination, in particular, will be a lot of fun to practice!

My inspiration: Cody going back to his roots!



Jaguar Bite: A strike move that has armor-break properties. If it connects, Adon pulverizes his opponent’s upper body.

The second hit can be super-cancelled, leading to big-damage.

Jaguar Claw is a ferocious, forward-moving elbow strike. If you land it from up close you can follow up with another ground-based attack.

Adon has primarily been a character who fights from the air, but with these new ground-based moves and new command normals we hope to bring out more of his Muy Thai style!

My inspiration: “Have I finally surpassed Sagat?!”



Stinger: As was the case in Ultra, Rolento won’t have the ability to throw knives while close to the ground, but he will be able to use them in some new crafty ways!

Press two punch buttons after completing the input for Stinger and he’ll throw a knife straight across the screen. Press two kick buttons, and instead of throwing the knife he’ll attack with it. The EX version will throw three knives straight across the screen. Also, before he throws the knife, you can change his jump arc by pressing left or right on the joystick. It’s going to be fun finding new uses for his modified Stinger.


Snare Mine: Rolento will set a trap by throwing grenades at his feet.

If they hit they’ll explode, sending the opponent into the air. Rolento can follow up with an attack from the Stinger Jump!

In Omega, Rolento’s new moves compliment his existing moves and highlight his unique characterization. He seems like he’ll be particularly dangerous when he has meter!

My inspiration: The Knife Professional, “R” (...does that even make sense?)

...And that does it for the Alpha gang!

Anyway, I hope you’re ready to select and make your first pick, because next week we’ll be covering Ibuki, Dudley, Makoto, Yun, Yang, Hugo, and Elena. That’s right, it’s the SFIII chapter!


Finally, we have discovered an issue with the game that has come to our attention lately:


If a user selects Yun, has him wear the Vacation costume, and chooses Taunt 10, Yun will execute a light kick instead of the expected Taunt when HP and HK are pressed.


PlayStation 3

Xbox 360




Choosing the combination of Yun’s vacation costume and Taunt 10 makes it impossible to taunt properly in the game and causes other issues.

Furthermore, when playing an online match on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, the affected actions of the player will not sync properly between users. Therefore, we request that users refrain from using this particular character/costume/taunt combination when playing online to avoid the issue for now.

*Note that this character/costume/taunt combination will be banned at the upcoming Capcom Cup tournament in the United States in December.

We are working toward addressing this issue in the next title update. We will announce a release date for this update as soon as we can.

Please accept our apology for this issue.

Loot Crate November video is an homage to the blue bomber

Loot Crate's at it again with another amazingly produced video to hype up this month's crate. This one focuses on a familiar friend around these parts. One who will also be featured in this month's crate itself! Watch after the jump.

November's crate is centered around the theme of BATTLE, and will include three Capcom items, representing both Mega Man and Street Fighter. Sign up by November 19th so you don't miss out! Also, don't forget to use the code "CAPCOM" to save $3 on your first crate. 

An Introduction to the USFIV Omega Edition Characters: Part III

Oh yes, it's that time for some more news on the Omega characters coming your way soon. Continue on to see what Ayano-san has to say about the characters and the crazy new moves added to their repertoire. 

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

I’ve been working pretty hard lately, going to the tournament in Singapore, attending national tournaments here in Japan, and so on. I haven’t even had time to rest on Saturdays and Sundays. This past weekend, though, was a three-day weekend here in Japan, so I finally had a chance to kick back and relax...

...But now it’s time to get back to the grind with part three of the Ultra SFIV Omega Edition introductions! The theme this week is “Newcomers,” so we’ll be looking at Abel, C. Viper, Fuerte, Rufus, Cammy, Dee Jay, Fei Long, and T. Hawk!


Shoulder Tackle: Yup! Just as the name says, it’s a shoulder tackle. You can hold the button down to charge it—charge it to the max and you’ll get an increase in parameters, as well as armor break properties. You can cancel the charge by pressing a punch button, which also makes this effective as a feint move.

The EX version will send the opponent flying for a wall bounce, which sets up some combo opportunities afterwards!

Abel has seen a lot of changes—while he’s lost Change of Direction, he’s gained new command normal and special moves. Abel now fights like a mixed-martial artist with a focus on throws. I believe that Abel fans will get a kick out of this new way to play him!

My inspiration: What you see is what you get!

C. Viper

Burst Heel: A new special move that’s similar to Guile’s Flash Kick. It’s got a lot of priority, so I see it being used like a psychic DP.

The EX version has invincibility, giving Viper a new anti-air option. She can also cancel the second hit, like she can for her Thunder Knuckle, which lets her combo into various options. This not only gives her new ways to attack, but also opens up combo possibilities as well.

She also gets Thunder Fist, a strike-move that expands her combo options.


My inspiration: A more mature Viper who has further refined her fire and lightning abilities!


El Fuerte

EX Habanero Dash: Fuerte now has options for all six buttons during his EX Habanero Dash. This is his FP option, the Fajita Buster.

This version, performed from the EX Dash, is done on the ground without Fuerte jumping into the air. Get a good read on your opponent and choose wisely!

Fuerte also gets a new special move, the Flying Nachos. Hmm...I’m not sure I would call the body part he’s hitting them with a Nacho but this move certainly seems familiar, doesn’t it?

Fuerte’s movement specials have been improved and he has also gained a high jump. If you thought he was hard to catch before...!

My inspiration: A Mexican luchador running wild on you!



Dynasty Dash: A special move performed with the punch buttons that moves Rufus forward, changing up his attack style.

He slides forward—check out that low profile!

The LP version ends with the Mach Back Knuckle. It’s fast, but it doesn’t hit crouchers.

The MP version ends with the Peerless Palm.

And the FP version ends with the Premium Tackle. It starts up slow but has armor break properties.

Rufus has some pretty funky moves names and these three are no exception, don’t you think?

Heh heh. We’ve also changed up his existing special moves, taking into account how Dynasty Dash changes his game. Together with his new target combos he’s changed quite a bit—it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he’s a completely new character (a new, new character?!).

My inspiration: The portly speed bug, reborn!


Killer Bee Stinger: A new special move that launches the opponent up in the air with a kick.

Cammy can follow up on the airborne opponent with combos.

This special move takes advantage of Cammy’s excellent mobility.

She also has a special version of her Cannon Strike, Target Strike, that will cause a hard knockdown from the air, and we’ve completely reworked her Hooligan Combination too. I’ll tell you more about that if I get another chance. Heh heh.

Just as her “Killer Bee” nickname implies, we’ve modified Cammy to be a character that primarily attacks from the air.

My inspiration: Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee!


Fei Long


This, to put it simply, is a super-powerful backfist! It leaves Fei Long wide open if it misses, but it deals plenty of damage and has armor break properties. It’s a move that really showcases the “shaking fist” kung-fu image we’ve come to expect from Fei Long. The EX version will wall-bounce your opponent for extended combo opportunities.

Syoenryu is a flaming uppercut that stops opponents in their tracks and launches them up into the air. Of course, he can follow up afterwards with combo attacks.

We wanted to give Fei Long more one-hit moves and so move him away from being a character that revolves around his Rekkaken game. I’m sure you’ll have fun with him if you give him a try.

My inspiration: A hot-blooded kung-fu master!


Dee Jay

Air Slasher

You can’t tell just by looking at the picture, but in Omega we really wanted to emphasize Dee Jay’s dancing, which is why we’ve changed him from a charge character to a command one. That’s right, all of his moves—from Machine Upper to Double Rolling Sobat—are now command moves.

Waning Moon: Dee Jay goes airborne and comes down with a crescent-moon kick. This gives Dee Jay a new move for getting in.

He’s also got new command normals and target combos, which really makes him feel like a kickboxer. The change from a charge character to a command one is enough to make Dee Jay feel like a brand new character in Omega Edition.

My inspiration: Dee Jay getting back to his Jamaican roots!


T. Hawk

Earth Rage

This move strikes the ground, sending out a shockwave. It’s very similar to Viper’s Seismo Hammer. The EX version sends out three blasts, ranging from close to long range. T. Hawk has always had problems with characters playing keep-away, but now he has a new tool to help him fight better at distances!

Thunder Bird: An EX version of the Mexican Typhoon that uses two bars of meter. Grab your opponent, use a Tomahawk Buster to launch them into the air, and...

...grab them from mid-air and slam them on the ground with the Mexican Typhoon! Since it uses two bars we’ve made it just as powerful as it looks!

We’ve also adjusted the inputs for his existing special moves to make them more intuitive and easier to use. In Omega Edition, T. Hawk differs from his regular Ultra version in that he has both close and long range options. Will this make the gentle giant a force to be reckoned with in Omega?!

My inspiration: A Hawk who’s a danger up close and from afar!

That wraps things up for the third installment of our Omega character introductions! Before moving on though, I’d just like to say a few words about our methodology for adding new moves.

We do give careful consideration to the moves we add, and we also try to retain the functionality of the existing moves. We’re aiming to make a game where all of the moves are viable in one way or other, and that’s as difficult as it sounds. Of course, if we get too cautious, then Omega will lose some of its “Omega-ness”! So here on the Omega team we’re always going back and forth with our discussions about what’s best.

Next week we’ll be covering Sakura, Rose, Dan, Guy, Cody, Adon, and Rolento. The theme? You guessed it—the Alpha series fighters!

Street Fighter Collector sets Guinness World Record

You may have seen Clarence (a.k.a. SFDevotion ) around in the past , but have you seen the true extent of his devotion? Look no further than the latest Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition ,  available TODAY, which lists him as the owner of the largest Street Fighter collection in the world.

With a collection of thousands of items spanning nearly twenty years of collecting, that’s an incredible feat! He was kind enough to share his experience as a collector, as well as that of being named the official record-setter.


GregaMan: How did you react when you were informed by Guinness World Records to have the largest Street Fighter collection?

Clarence: It’s hard to describe. I was initially informed via email, and it was mid-day while I was at work, so I wasn’t in the mind-set to react. I remember txting my wife, who then congratulated me. Even then it didn’t really sink in. It was when I received the official certificate that it felt real. Again, it’s hard to describe. I’m humbled and honoured for the title. I remember when I was a young lad, my father would flip through the Guinness World Record books with me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. I still can’t believe it.

GregaMan: Tell us your story. How did Guinness World Records find you? What was the process like?  

Clarence: Over two years ago when I was approached by CAPCOM to participate in the “I Am Street Fighter” documentary, a friend of mine who knew about the project proposed the idea to put in a claim with GWR. So I did, just for fun, and didn’t think much of it. I received a response with a LONG list of things I had to do. Between work and secretly planning a proposal to my girlfriend, it just wasn’t the right time. So I dismissed it. Fast-forward two years, out of nowhere, I received an email regarding the 2015 Gamer’s Edition. The GWR team was looking through older claims and happened to come across mine. My wife and I catalogued for weeks. WEEKS. When we were done the first round, we obtained a witness who then had to count every individual item with us for a second round. Furthermore, we had to take photos of every individual item as evidence for the GWR database. It was a long, tedious process… and totally worth it in the end.  

GregaMan: So the record catalogues every Street Fighter item in your collection?  

Clarence: This is actually a grey area. My instructions specifically said it had to be branded Street Fighter, which meant no Final Fight, no Rival Schools, no games with cameos or special moves (Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Little Big Planets, etc.) These games also span out into other related media, which I had to exclude (comics, soundtracks, toys, posters, etc.) Special Editions and Packs had to be counted as one item. For example, the Street Fighter IV Collectors Edition and its contents were counted as a whole, so The Ties That Bind movie, which came in the pack, was not counted separately. No duplicates. Every item was official. No bootlegs or copies, though I don’t support piracy anyway. The specifics run deeper, so I won’t bore you with any further details. So no, the final count did not catalogue everything in what I consider to be my entire collection.

GregaMan: What was the final count?  

Clarence: The final count was 2,723 individual Street Fighter items, and growing. My newest item is Assassin’s Fist!

GregaMan: What's your most prized piece within the collection?

Clarence: Oh man, that’s a tough one. I’ve been asked about a “favourite item” before, but I don’t think I “prize” any single piece, actually. Its semantic, but I think of a “prized piece” to be something you cherish and hold dear to your heart, whereas “favourite” is something you would often experience, such as a favourite game or film. They can be one and the same, or different. See, a few items in my collection have sentimental  value , but it's the memories that resonate with me most. When we have friends over and spend time in the Street Fighter room, I can jabber on and on like an old fart telling tales of how I got this or that. For example, I hung out with Ono-san a few years ago and he gave me a few gifts. We met again a year or two later where I introduced him to my wife. He remembered me then, not sure if he’d remember me now. Although these gifts are very dear to me, they’re just objects. When I introduced him to my wife, whom I met because of the game he produced, it meant more to me than any collector’s item. That’s me being an old fart.

GregaMan: When did you start collecting? When did it turn from just incidentally having some Street Fighter games into actively "collecting" stuff?

Clarence:   The collection started in 1996. At first, I didn't know it was going to be a collection. I simply enjoyed playing Street Fighter after classes at a friend’s house. I owned my first game on PlayStation and really enjoyed it. After learning there were a variety of Street Fighter arcs and sequels, I began purchasing more and more to experience them all. This branched out to Figures, Movies, Comics, and more. A little over a year later I moved all my Street Fighter items into a single corner of my room and thought, "I have more games than I am missing, let's see how far this goes". The collection truly began at this point. I now have been collecting for most of my life. This is the result.

GregaMan: Do you have any particular rules for items in your collection? E.g, no used stuff, posters have to be mint or framed, etc. Or are you pretty much all-inclusive? Do you have any other collections?

Clarence: The item must be in great cosmetic condition. Games, Movies and Soundtracks must be complete in its package. It must be an officially licensed product by CAPCOM. And for the most part I try to collect North American items. I don’t even want to think about how much it would cost if I began collecting international.

Between my wife and I, we collect DarkStalkers, Final Fight, The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Star Fox, Killzone, Katamari, Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, the “Souls” series, and a few others. Oh, and anything from Naughty Dog. Love them. You could say we’re huge CAPCOM and Naughty Dog supporters.

GregaMan: I know I've seen you dress up as Ryu before (...haven't I?); is he your main when you actually play SF? Or if not, who? Or do you not  have  a main? (FYI mine is Guy. It's an uphill battle.)  

Clarence: Are you serious? I main Guy too! Well, depending on the game. When it comes to IV, Guy is my main. II is Dee Jay, III is Ryu, Alpha is Karin, EX is Doctrine Dark, Marvel is all over the place, and I absolutely love using Dan in Pocket Fighter & Puzzle Fighter.

GregaMan:  Do you play in Tournaments?

Clarence: Everyone keeps asking me this! Haha. No, I’m nowhere near good enough to compete. Mind you, I can hold my own, but I’m like the NFL fan with all the giant foam fingers, posters and jerseys. EVO is like my Super Bowl. We go to a friend’s EVO party every year to watch the pros, follow the news, and get hype. I admire them. The pros. If it weren’t for the FGC keeping the spark alive, I don’t think Fighting Games would be as successful and alive as they are today. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the game. To all the pro players out there, EVO, MLG and the like, you have my greatest respect, and I bow to you.

GregaMan: What now? Will you keep collecting?

Clarence: It’s an enjoyable hobby. I’m not rich, however, and I’m not about to dish out full price on every new item. If there’s a new game, I’ll get one version to play, and wait to pick up the variants at a good price. Hopefully my future children enjoy Street Fighter because I’d love to pass these along. But until then, the collection will keep growing. I’d like to think its got good historical value.

GregaMan: Finally, any tips for other video game collectors out there?

Clarence:  Yes. Shop smart. Learn to use the eBay search tools. Attend game swap events. Go to hobby conventions. Be proactive and be patient with your wallet. Most importantly, don’t be a jerk to other collectors. Everyone has different reasons for collecting. Focus on a clear goal, whatever yours may be, and go for it. I play my Street Fighter games and have friends over all the time to enjoy them with me. Collecting is fun, but know where to draw the line between hobby and addiction. Collections are worthless if you can't feed yourself, have a roof over your head, or friends to share them with.

↑ The highly official certificate from Guinness. Snazzy!

November Loot Crate theme revealed

We're following up our awesome Dead Rising 3 Sledgesaw Pen replica in the October Loot Crate with not one, not two, but THREE amazing Capcom items in the November Loot Crate! We are able to reveal that the theme is "BATTLE!" and will feature both the Street Fighter and Mega Man brands. What the items are, we can't say yet – but yes, it will equal the coolness factor of the Dead Rising 3 pen. The Mega Man item is something that has never been made before at this scale. Loot Crate will be producing another fun video like they did with all the zombie-mashing in their "FEAR" video last month.

Sign up now for the November Loot Crate and use the code "CAPCOM" to get $3 off! Subscriptions close sharp on November 19th. Don't miss out on the awesome Mega Man and Street Fighter collectibles like you may have the Dead Rising 3 sledgesaw.

Stay tuned for more hints and info! 

An Introduction to the USFIV Omega Mode Characters: Part 2

Wussup guys?  If you're hype for OMEGA Mode -- I know you are -- then you're in luck as Ayano-san sent over a ton of new information on many changes to the character's attacks! Hit the jump to check out the new moves, a recap of the "Wild Costumes" and Capcom Pro Tour Asia from Game Start 2014 in Singapore!

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

Last week I was in Singapore for the video game expo GameStart 2014. As you might have heard, we showed off some new costumes there, so today I’d like to talk about those and also bring you Part 2 of the Ultra SFIV Omega Edition introduction. First up, more Omega character info!


Gigaton Blow: A powerful EX follow-up to Balrog’s EX Dash Straight.

The Gigaton Blow uses three bars of EX meter, so you’ll need full meter to pull it off after an EX Dash Straight. Maybe this could be just the move you need when you want to put your opponent down for the count...

You can’t really hit-confirm it, so you’ll have to think of good ways to land it.

Horn Breaker: A command throw.

Balrog goes all-in with head blows. You could call this a special move version of his Dirty Bull. It dishes out quite a bit of stun.

Balrog also has new options for his close and long range attacks, making him into a more aggressive character.

My inspiration: A wild bull with giant horns.


Rose Thorn: A new variation that can be triggered from Vega’s Barcelona Attack. As the name suggests, this is a sharp, dangerous kick move. It can be performed after flying over an opponent’s head, making it a difficult move to read. You might get hated on for using it. Heh heh.

Ryu: Is this gonna be the throw? Or the claw attack?!

Vega: Rose Thorn!

Crimson Crucify: A version of EX Rolling Crystal Flash that uses two bars of EX meter. This is a rushing multi-hit move that does big damage.

Though Vega mainly specializes in single-poke attacks, now he has a multi-hit combo that does big damage too.

We always conceptualized Vega as a character who is strong in the air, so we wanted to expand on that concept.

My inspiration: An even thornier Vega.


Tiger Raid: A kick combo that finishes with a powerful flying kick. This is very similar to the move from the Alpha series.

This move can be linked from a medium kick, so if you’ve got the meter you can look for ways to hit it after one of those. And since it sends the enemy flying, you can use it to help push your opponent into a corner too.

Sagat also has target combos and feint moves, making him a character who can use his legs pretty freely. And with his projectile he can keep up the pressure at both close and long range.

My inspiration: Sagat going beyond the title of The Emperor of Muy Thai!

M. Bison

Psycho Crusher Omega: A more powerful version of the Psycho Crusher that uses two EX bars. After hitting his opponent with the Psycho Crusher, M. Bison can pound his enemy with an uppercut for an explosion of Psycho Power!

After the hit he even gets his trademark pose in! This also counts as a hit!

Psycho Sever: A new move—the fierce and EX versions give Bison the overhead he's always wanted.

Now you can repeatedly pressure your opponents with Double Knee Presses, and then break through their defenses with the Psycho Sever.

The properties of Bison’s existing moves have been changed, and with new command normal and special moves you’ll have fresh new ways to play Bison!

My inspiration: The evolution of a dictator!


Syura Rengoku

During the forward-moving kick version of Ashura Senku, use two bars of EX meter for another version of the Shun Goku Satsu. Trick opponents into thinking it’s a normal Ashura Senku, then hit them with a surprise attack!

There have been many changes and additions to Akuma’s EX moves, starting with Hyakkishu. Try some of them out and it won’t take long for you to discover that you’ve got a completely different Akuma on your hands.

My inspiration: Akuma having a lot of things to do in the air!



A striking attack that can be used in combos. It doesn’t have a whole lot of reach but it comes out fast and doesn’t cause a lot of pushback, making it easy to use in combos. You can also use it together with EX Focus Cancels to create various new combos.

Pictured above is the EX version. It’s not only powerful, but also causes crumple stun.

Now you can send Gouken’s EX Hadoken flying in three different directions depending on your button combinations. You can use this in combos, and it’s also good for keeping your opponent in check.

Gouken’s versatility has really improved. Take a good look at all of his moves and choose the play style that’s right for you.

My inspiration: Gouken with a stronger ground game!


EX Sonic Boom


EX Sonic Boom stays still on the screen for a bit before flying towards the opponent. I guess you could call it a set-up move.

Follow after it to apply the pressure, or...

Use a Yoga Teleport while the Boom is holding to teleport behind the opponent for a mix-up.

And there’s a new special move too—the Chariot Tackle! Use it for new combos!


Seth has always had a lot of moves, so we’ve balanced them to make them easier to use.


My inspiration: Seth coming at you from both the ground and the air.

So, are you getting a clearer picture of what Omega Edition is all about? All 44 characters are getting changes that will further emphasize their individuality. Next week we’ll be covering Abel, Viper, Fuerte, Rufus, Cammy, Fei Long, Dee Jay, and T-Hawk. The theme is “New Challengers—SFIV/SFII!”

Now, to change gears a bit, at GameStart 2014 in Singapore we showed off the “Wild” series of costumes. The animal-themed costumes in SFxT were a hit, so we’re bringing that theme over to USFIV. Let’s take a closer look at the five characters we showed at the event!

This is Ryu.

A Japanese-style wolf. Just perfect for the lone wolf that is Ryu.

Here’s Cammy as a fox.

The English-style clothing goes well with the fox look.

Like me, you may have no idea who this is when you first see it, but take a closer look and you’ll realize that it’s Dudley. The bulldog look really brings out his aggressiveness.

The goat version of Gen.

The goat look preserves the image of an old warrior, and his chilling stare is a kind of scary. This costume suits Gen’s background as an assassin, don’t you think?


And last but not least, octopus Hakan!

So Hakan is all about being oily and slippery. We were thinking, “What animal goes best with that...?” And everyone unanimously agreed on an octopus! Heh heh.

And once he oils up, he’s going to be even more octopus-like! I love it!

We still haven’t finalized the release date for Omega Edition, but as soon as we do we’ll be sure to let you know.

Speaking of GameStart 2014, we held the Capcom Cup Asia Pro Tour finals there. Taking the crown was none other than Japan’s own Daigo Umehara.


Oh yeah—check out the picture below of the huge USFIV LCD display that was in the event’s escalator hall! Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, that’ll do it for this week. Next week we’ll bring you more new Omega Edition info. See you then!

Regarding the USFIV Vega Bug

Hey all, with the recent release of version patch 1.03, a new issue involving Vega has surfaced which may affect the experience of our players. Firstly, I'd like to apologize and secondly let you all know that we're working hard on a fix which we expect to be released by the end of the year. 

Continue on for a description of the issue and how to resolve it if happens while you're playing.

EDIT: This post has been edited with even more detail on how to recover from the various bug states.

Issue Description:

If an airborne opponent trades attacks with Vega as he performs “Rolling Izuna Drop” after the “Flying Barcelona Special” Super Combo it causes the opponent to become frozen in mid-air, unable to move. Depending upon timing, there are also instances in which Vega himself is also rendered unable to move.

This issue currently affects those who are PS3, XBox360, and Steam.

For those who are affected, please follow the recovery steps below in order to get back to enjoying USFIV as quickly as possible:

  1. If one player is frozen and Vega is not, have Vega hit the frozen character to unfreeze them.
  2. If both players are frozen:
    1. And you're offline, pause the game and quit back to the main menu, before a time over occurs, otherwise you will have to press either the PS Button or Xbox Guide Button to quit the game entirely.
    2. And you're online, wait for the match to time out. Approximately three minutes after that, you will be ushered to the next round. If this occurs in the final round, you will be taken to the results screen as normal. You are not disconnected from your opponent on PS3 or Xbox 360, unlike PC where your connection is cut from the opponent.

As of this writing, we have determined what causes the issue, but fixing it will take some time. We are working toward having a fix implemented by the end of the year and will continue to update users when progress has been made.

Once again, please accept our apologies on the matter and thank you for your continued support of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighters in UFC

What if your favorite Street Fighters were real people who could take on the world's best from the UFC and had to solely rely on their martial arts to win? According to Bryan Lee, he thinks this would result in some pretty interesting fights and has went as so far as to draw some of the greatest UFC fighters going up against the legendary SF warriors. Continue over to Vice to see the rest of Bryan Lee's amazing art.

An Introduction to the USFIV Omega Edition Characters: Part 1

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of announcing the completely free and new update coming in the future which will give you all access to Omega Edition of all 44 characters in USFIV. What I didn't give you however, was information on the characters and what attacks you can expect to see.

That's all going to change today however, as the blog today breaks down the Omega Editions of the initial World Warriors. Be sure to check back weekly, as we unveil more and more of the Omega Edition Characters.

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

Winter is finally here. It seems like we just breezed through fall (um, no pun intended), but here I am still wearing a T-shirt. Maybe it’s time to break out the sweaters...

Anyway, starting this week, and for about the next seven weeks, I’d like to talk about Omega Edition and how it affects all 44 characters. We revealed Omega Edition at TGS 2014, and since then lots of people (including people inside the company!) having been asking about the changes to their characters. Today I’d like to take this opportunity to answer some of those queries.

First, though, I’d like to outline what Omega Edition is, for those of you who are like “Omega what now?” So, here are the basics:

  1. Omega Edition is a new option available under the Edition Select feature. This will bring the total number of selectable editions to six, including Ultra.
  2. As this version is completely different from all others, it does not include the Red Focus and Ultra Combo Double systems introduced in USFIV.
  3. Omega Edition will be available as a free update! (We’ll let you know exactly when it’s going to be available closer to release time.)

Now let’s take a look at some character-specific changes and additions!



Hanagashi: Forward + HP + HK to activate damage-nullifying armor.

Some of you will get it just by looking at the screenshot, but this is pretty close to the parry system from SFIII.

While the move is active and after absorbing an attack, Ryu can use EX meter to deliver a follow-up strike. This gives him another form of defense in addition to the Focus Attack and is sure to completely change up his footsie approach!

Ryu also has new target combos and has gained both offensive and defensive options.

My inspiration: I guess you could say we wanted a showcase of Ryu’s moves from all of the SF games that have been released up until now.



Shippu Jinraikyaku: Use two bars of EX meter for a powerful multi-hit move.

You can combo into this move for big damage. This is sure to make Ken players think more carefully about meter management! 

The Reppu Hadoken also got a lot of buzz at TGS. In Omega we really wanted to emphasize Ken’s kicks, so he also has a few new kick moves too.

My inspiration: Ken with his hands tied behind his back.



Houyoku-Sen: Use two bars of EX meter for a multi-hit move.

This SFIII move is back! It’s an interesting move and there are lots of different ways to land it.

Other changes: Chun-Li’s Kikoken has been changed from a charge move to a command move to make it easier for her to press forward. She also has Hakkei to nullify other players’ projectiles!

Many of her command normals and specials have been greatly changed from SFIV, making her a character who can really hit those hard-to-reach places.

My inspiration: I wanted a strong female character who can really apply the pressure.


Edmund Honda

Zuri Fugaku

You know, Honda is a sumo wrestler...but it’s easy to forget that since, except for his Hundred Hand Slap move, his moves aren’t particularly sumo-like. In SF we’re calling this Zuri Fugaku, but in sumo it’s known as “Yorikiri,” the act of pushing someone out of the ring by their belt. Honda starts off low and attacks the opponent twice on different levels, while the EX version adds a third attack. It’s extremely powerful, but also leaves him fairly exposed.

Speaking of sumo, you gotta have the salt throw, right? The Salt Toss doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but what happens if you get a KO with it...?

These changes give Honda’s versatility a big boost. In the playtests a lot of people felt like he was now qualified to take on the title of the world’s strongest. Honda top tier? Heh heh.

My inspiration: going back to Honda’s sumo roots.



Ever since SFII, Blanka’s been all about getting in there with ball attacks. In Omega we’re going to radically change that up.

Lightning Mole: Blanka charges up, disappears into the ground, and then jumps out with a charged attack!

Use it to throw off your opponent or set up a good read—there are many ways to incorporate this into your game. In addition to his aerial and grounded moves, Blanka finally gets a move that takes him underground. He’ll have a high degree of versatility that will let players develop their own playing styles.

Use two bars of EX meter to use the Lightning Grenade, an invincible hop into Lightning. Skilled players will be able to incorporate this into combos. Blanka also gains the ability to perform moves from the Coward Crouch. The first step to enjoying Blanka is to properly learn all of his moves.

My inspiration: the lightning-charged green beast.


Russian Stomping

Omega Zangief is still a grappler, so we wanted to give him moves to help set up his throws. This attack hits on different levels. Use it to drive your opponent into a corner and pressure them with the possibility of a throw! This is a command normal forward-attacking move that ‘Gief can use together with Banishing Flat to keep the opponent in your sights.

Chrome Head: Press Forward + FP for a small jumping headbutt.

Just like in the Alpha series, this is a move that moves him forward and causes low poke moves to whiff.

My inspiration: Zangief with even more cyclone (hard to imagine, I know...!).



Sonic Break: Now it's possible to fire off more than one Sonic Boom when using the EX version! Hit two punch buttons again for a second and possibly third extra Boom, each at the cost of an additional bar of meter.

Talk about explosive! This is good for when you want to keep your opponent out or do some chip damage. Sort of reminds you of his good friend Charlie, doesn’t it?

Guile also gets the CPS1 Chain and Blitz Combination, moves that SF series fans may find familiar. These changes increase his versatility and put a few new tricks up his sleeves...or, er, pant legs.

My inspiration: not only is it harder to get in on him, but now he can get in on you.


Yoga Legend: Use 2 bars of EX meter for an invincible chop, a multi-hit moves that sends your opponent flying into the air!

As the name suggests, this is a move that packs quite a punch. It’s a good move to go for if you have meter to burn. You can also use the Yoga Rapture to lure your opponent in before unleashing the mid-hitting Yoga Chop. In Omega, the theme for ‘Sim is definitely “yoga”!

My inspiration: Dhalsim continuing to refine his abilities beyond mere mortal levels.

Well, I’ll wrap up the first installment here. I hope you enjoyed it! Next week I’ll be covering the four bosses plus Gouken and Akuma. Hope you’re looking forward to it!


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