USFIV Netcode Improvements for Steam Live Now

Hey all! Just wanted to make sure that everyone out there is aware that the improvements that went into the USFIV Steam Beta branch have been moved over and now are live in the main branch. Many users have reported that the patch has improved their online experience .

With the number of PC players constantly growing and the experience being so much smoother these days, it's the perfect time to hop online and find out who the strongest really is.

USFIV Ver. 1.05 Patch Coming Tomorrow

Hey everyone, got some news for you regarding the USFIV version 1.05 patch dropping on consoles (Xbox360 and PS3 @2am PST) and Steam (@8am PST) tomorrow. For those wondering what will be included in the version 1.05 patch, continue on!

USFIV Edition Changes:


Must charge downback to activate the anti-air version of DCM.



Super: Added Armor Break



Target Combo 2: MP>MP (close range) 

Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Yoga Bringer: Added Armor to EX version also

Super: Added Armor Break



Target Combo: MK>MK>HK (hold HK to charge) 



Sky High Claw: Command Change to {Charge down, Up+P} (input P for follow up on all versions except EX) Added Armor Break to non EX versions also.



Super: Added Armor Break



Psycho Drain: (NEW) 63214+P (close to opponent) 

Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Grappling: 236+P (Changed EX version to “Sky High Tornedo”) 

Sky High Tornedo: 236+PP (EX version of Grappling, consumes 2 EX stock) 



Super: Added Armor Break



Target Strike: Added EX version {Performed as 214+KK, after hitting any forward jump attack except HK}



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Soul Bubble (NEW): 421+P

Soul Bubble EX (NEW): 421+PP (consumes 2 EX stock)

Super: Added Armor Break



Saikyo Ryu Hidden Tech: Funjinken (NEW): 623+P (Input {3+P} on the same frame)

Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break



Target Combo 5:  Changed command to {LP > LK>  MP}

Palm: 214+P (Hold LP version to change effect)



Rasetsuko (NEW): 623+K



Target Combo 3 (NEW): 6+HP > HP

Gorai Hadoken: 63214+P

Gorai Hadoken EX: 63214+PP (Consumes 2 EX stock. Hold PP to change properties)

Kyoseijin EX:  623+KK

Zanku Hadosho: 214+P (in air). Can perform EX version only during back jump.



Super: Added Armor Break



Patriot Fury (NEW): EX version of Patriot Circle {236+PP} Consumes 2 EX stock.

Super: Added Armor Break



Super1: Added Armor Break

Super2: Added Armor Break



Super: Added Armor Break

NINJA EDIT!  The Omega Edition Gen infinite as well as other infinites  and bugs have been addressed, so look forward to the patch tomorrow! 

USFIV Coming to PS4 on May 26th!

Hey all, just wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know that USFIV is coming out on May 26th for the PS4 for $24.99. Head over to Sony's blog for more information on what you can expect to be included with this release.

Capcom Recap - April 3, 2015

Time for another rousing episode of Capcom Recap! We're excited to see so many submissions coming in from you guys, but we're always looking for more!

Remember, submit your video links with a brief description and any relevant timestamps at or by tweeting with the hashtag  #capcomrecap.

Now then!

Capcom Recap is a biweekly recap of Capcom news and community feats. Commentary is provided by Capcom USA's in-house community team: that's Peter Rosas, Yuri Araujo, Brett Elston, and me--Greg Moore.

Episode Acknowledgements

Street Fighter
Clip taken from the Final Round stream on our official "Capcom Fighters" Twitch channel.

Monster Hunter

Resident Evil

Devil May Cry

Grab some Capcom PC games for cheap on Origin, Gamestop

There are two big Capcom PC sales going on this week--one on EA Origin, one on Gamestop. Grab some classics of the last generation for cheap, and let the good times roll!  

EA Origin
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - $29.99 | $14.99
Resident Evil 5 - $19.99 | $9.99
DmC Devil May Cry - $49.99 | $24.99
Resident Evil 6    - $39.99 | $19.99
Resident Evil Revelations - $49.99 | $24.99

Ultra Street Fighter IV - $29.99 | $17.99
Strider - $14.99 | $7.49
DuckTales Remastered - $14.99 | $7.49
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - $14.99 | $7.49
Dark Void - $9.99 | $1.99
Dark Void Zero - $4.99 | $0.99

Capcom Recap - March 20, 2015

Today it is my privilege to introduce to you the  Capcom Recap-- a biweekly video series we've whipped up to shine a spotlight on Capcom news and community feats. Hit the jump to see our very first episode.  

We're lucky to have lots going on with Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and Resident Evil, all of which have some very exhibition and community-centric elements, which are great for video highlights!

That said, we're not limiting the Recap series to those four brands. If you've recently done something noteworthy, cool, or funny in  any Capcom game and caught it on video, email us at with a YouTube link and a brief description explaining what's notable about the video. Be sure to include any relevant timestamps--I don't want to sift through a thirty-minute video for a three-second clip! 

Episode Acknowledgements

Street Fighter

Monster Hunter

Resident Evil Revelations 2


Did you ever notice this about Guile?

Man. Can't believe I never noticed Guile's Theme had lyrics. Thanks, Animation Domination High-Def  ( @FOXADHD )!

Pick up some Capcom merch at PAX East

PAX East has kicked off in wintery Boston, Massachusetts, and Capcom is there! If you're attending the event, make sure you pay a visit to the Capcom booth, which is decked out like the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate caravan.

Incidentally, the Capcom Store has a presence at the booth this year, so it's a great time to stock up on Capcom merch. And man is there a lot! Listed below is just a selection of what's available.

We're celebrating the huge success of the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with a ton of really cool, exclusive, Monster Hunter products:

-Quality, double-lined Felyne and Melynx Hats for $20 each


-Deluxe Felyne and Melynx hats that have extended scarves that end with mittens for each hand for $25 each


-18" side Meat Pillow for $25 (reduced from regular price of $40)


-Rathian and Yian Ku-Ku plush figures that comes in a plastic egg shell packaging. The bottom half of the egg shell doubles as a display base for the plush when you're not playing with it. $20 each.


Lots of Umbrella Corporation gear to celebrate Resident Evil's hugely successful rerelease.

-Umbrella Corporation Tshirt for $25


-Umbrella Corporation Water Bottle for $15


-Umbrella Corporation Drawstring Bag for $10


-Umbrella Corporation Lanyard for $5


-Umbrella Corporation Mints for $3


-Umbrella Corporation Wristband for $2


OR you can get the all of the above in a PAX East exclusive bundle for fifty bucks.

Everyone is fired up for Street Fighter V coming to the PS4 and PC. Until then, you can sport the official SFV key art T-shirt, which features Ryu in a heroic pose, for $25.

Or carry a Street Fighter V logo drawstring bag for $10. Get both for only $35!

If you can't make it to PAX East this weekend, you can partake of these awesome items for we have limited quantities of each item at .

Got a great Capcom gameplay clip? Email us!

Here on Capcom Unity, the team and I have been whipping up an experimental new biweekly video feature which will recap recent Capcom news, as well as highlight impressive, informative, fun, and/or hilarious gameplay videos captured by Capcom's awesome fans. 

We feel Capcom's games, many of which have a prominent exhibitionist element (fighting games, Devil May Cry) as well as a prominent community element (Monster Hunter, Lost Planet, fighting games again), are perfect for this type of recurring feature.

With that said, if you've captured a clip of something cool, crazy, interesting, or funny in a Capcom game (old or recent!) and you'd like to be featured on the show, please send an email to  with the following:

-A link to the video--preferably YouTube or Twitch. 720p or 1080p also  highly  preferred when possible.   
-Your name or nickname (however you want us to credit you).
-A description of why you feel the video is noteworthy, including any relevant timestamps. 

Don't forget that the new-gen consoles let you capture and upload gameplay footage with just a few button-presses, but footage from other consoles is of course welcome! 

And that's the rundown. Can't wait to see what you guys show us!

Announcing the Return of Nash and the Street Fighter V Online Beta Program

Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce two huge pieces of news for the upcoming Street Fighter V… the return of Nash, and the online beta program!

Charlie Nash has been a fan favorite character in the Street Fighter series for years and finally makes his comeback in Street Fighter V, although noticeably a little... different. For those who are unfamiliar with him, continue on for a quick history lesson.


First mentioned in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991) by Guile during his quest for revenge; Nash was a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and one of Guile’s best friends. Although it was hinted that M.Bison was involved in Charlie’s disappearance in the past, it was never really fully explained...

...Until the Street Fighter Alpha series that is. In Street Fighter Alpha II (1996) we see firsthand that a helicopter controlled by M.Bison’s forces make quick work of Nash as M.Bison gets away. Initially presumed to be dead by both friends and foes alike, Nash’s return shows that his story is far from over.

While the mysteries surrounding his return will become clear later on, for now we’re pleased to announce that the originator of the Sonic Boom is back with quite a few new tricks that you can see in the photos below.

Nash takes to the air and comes down toward the opponents with a sharp flip kick.

Nash grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground before infusing their face with more force than he uses to throw a sonic boom.

Nash slices through the air with a sharp kick that knocks the opponent away!

What is Nash’s goal in SFV? You will have to wait and see.

The second piece of news is perhaps the most exciting of all. Also announced today, we will be performing the largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history with Street Fighter V on PS4 and PC!  These tests will be essential to collect your feedback and to ensure that Street Fighter V is the best iteration yet.  In North America , players who pre-order the game will automatically be enrolled into the beta program. 

More details, including timing on the beta program will be revealed in the future so stay tuned for updates. Until then, SONIC BOOM!


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