We told you our favorite Capcom weapons. Then you told us yours

Weapons, people. Weapons. Previously, we here on Team Unity told you some of our all-time favorite weapons from Capcom’s sordid history of violence, and then we asked you to tell us yours.

You guys responded in bulk, not only giving us plenty of fodder for this Part Two post, but also showing so much enthusiasm for the subject that I think we can claim that weapon video’s comments section the most negativity-free YouTube comments section in the history of YouTube comments sections. Good work. Now let’s have a look at some of those faves!

Mega Man fans came to call, as they do, and were surprisingly uniform in their response considering how many gosh-darn weapons the blue bomber has wielded over the course of his—GASP—129-game legacy. You may or may not be surprised to learn that the overwhelmingly most vocalized favorite weapon was actually the Z-Saber wielded by Zero in the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series—not even a Mega Man weapon at all! Of course, Mega Man (X) himself does come to wield the saber in Mega Man X6, so I guess even he couldn’t deny its coolness.

↑ Tenkuu very much!

↑ The MMZ design.

↑ By and by, even X would cave and "go Zero," as the kids say. 

In any case, don’t feel too bad, because plenty of people also vocalized their love for the ol’ standby, Mega Man’s buster cannon! Though, like Mega Man, it’s seen plenty of different iterations over the years, the buster is the one weapon that’s been with the blue boy since the very beginning. Yes, there’s just something about the buster that seems to appeal to mankind’s primal affinity for hands that are made of futuristic guns. 

↑ "So then Rock's like, 'Buster? Damn near killed her!' Hah. Then he found five zenny." (Pictured above is the Super Mega Buster, introduced in Mega Man 5. )

↑ Famously, on the North American box art for Mega Man 2, the buster was depicted as what appears to be the Master System light gun (I'm joking-- please don't quote me to the press). A pretty memorable weapon in its own right.


↑ X sported a multi-colored variety of impressive buster types.

↑ Even net-confined cyber avatar MegaMan.EXE, whom I've endearingly nicknamed "MetaMan," came armed with the iconic arm cannon. 

↑ MegaMan Volnutt rocked (pun utterly intended) a buster that could be heavily customized throughout the course of his "digouter's adventure." Those were Halcyon days indeed.

Devil May Cry fans gave it up for Vergil’s Yamato, a Japanese sword that can slice through dimensions! It may not have the in-your-face panache of a guitar that shoots wads of electrified bats at you, but it’s undeniably efficient. Even Phoenix Wright is helpless before the cold, harsh indictment of that “Judgment Cut.” Guilty! 

↑ The Yamato in action. Sure ain't no butter knife!*

*Though it would probably work okay as a butter knife.

↑ Yamato awakens, Nero goes nuts.

Folks also tipped their hats to Dante’s Rebellion sword, which is about as quintessential as the Sakugarne pogo drill. Get it? Quintessential? Essential to Quint? Aha, ha, ha. Phew, diggin’ deep. Not one of you actually mentioned the Sakugarne, by the way. 

↑ The "Quint-essential" Sakugarne drill of Mega Man V . Don't let his stoic visage fool you; inside, he's screaming. And no--there's no topic I won't derail for the sake of a terrible pun. 

Anyway, as far as the Rebellion is concerned, I can’t disagree—Dante certainly has a vast array of creative and cool weapons, but I always find myself coming back to his classic sword, which itself has a pretty nifty bag of tricks. No wonder it replaced the Force Edge.

↑DMC3 Rebellion exhibition.

The Clover classic Okami is known more for its unique visual art style, world-altering paint brush techniques, vast, vivid world, and unconventionally lupine protagonist than it is its weaponry, but that didn’t stop many of you from paying due homage to Ammy’s various Divine Instruments, from her deadly rosary beads to her various reflectors. Survey says the Solar Flare, the strongest reflector in the game, is the fan favorite. 

↑ An artist's rendering of Ammy wielding the almighty Solar Flare. Note the solar flare. Turns out it's not just a catchy name.

Thanks to the vast legions of die-hard Resident Evil fans, there was no shortage of RE entries. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with choice in some of the later games in the series, but there seems to be a pretty strong sentiment in the community that shotguns and magnums are generally good. 

↑Shotgun Massacre

↑ Magnum vs. Lickers, RE5

↑ Extremely long magnum shot, RE5. 

Makes sense! 

The magnum also gives us one of the series’ most beloved classic moments .  

Oh, Barry. We’d all be sandwiches without you. 

Here’s a little-known Street Fighter fact: Most characters in the series don’t even use weapons. But that didn’t deter the Street Fighter community—never one to back down from a challenge—from answering our call to action. Many of you asserted that Ryu’s hands themselves were lethal weapons in their own right. It is true that martial artists of a certain level can in fact register their hands as lethal weapons, especially if their hands can do a shinkuu-hadouken. Hence, I’m going to allow it. 

The Monster Hunter series boasts about as many different weapons as there are whiskers in a Goldbeard’s gold beard, and I remind you that that is a very full beard. Hence, getting two Monster Hunter players to agree on a favorite weapon is about as hard as getting any two people on earth to agree on a pizza topping. But I’ve got to wrap this feature up today, so let’s just say, I dunno…a Dios ax.



Apparently someone even made their own real-life version, so it must be  pretty beloved. Wonder where he got the slime.

Anyway, that covers a lot of our bigger brands as well as the most common suggestions. But we had tons of other suggestions as well, covering games both old and recent, obscure and well-known. Here are some!

↑  Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes - Chain ball (Kuroda Kanbe's weapon) and Dark hands (Oichi's weapon) - Submitted by VegaMan

Chaos Legion - The Legions - Submitted by C.I.M. 

Breath of Fire - Kaiser Dragon Transformation - Submitted by NukaCola  

(Note: I know you said BoF II, but the BoF IV footage was gloriously flashy and easier to find ;3)

Ace Attorney series - Miles Edgeworth’s cunning logic - YouTube commenter

Viewtiful Joe - Slow and Mach Speed - YouTube commenter

Onimusha series - Samanosuke’s blades. All of them. - YouTube commenter

Capcom - Combo Fiend himself - Facebook commenter  

Phew. That’s a whole lotta weapons. What manner of inventive combat utensil can we look forward to in Capcom’s future titles? Chainsaw katanas? Tuba guns? Dogs with bees in their mouths so when they bark they shoot bees at you? Only time will tell.

In closing, I just want to point out that we all very ironically forgot about Nilin’s Sensen from Remember Me, truly one of the most unique and satisfying weapons in gaming. Shame on all of us. 

Meanwhile, if you've got more favorites or more awesome footage of these weapons in action, let it be known in the comments below! (We definitely missed some; please be gentle!)

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Earth Day comment winners - sharin' green Capcom memories

Yesterday (aka Earth Day) I asked for some of your favorite / standout moments of Capcom and all things "green." Coulda been a tree level, a personal anedcote that somehow tied games and reality together, whatever shares the spirit of earthiness.

The incentive for doing so (NOT THAT YOU SHOULD NEED ONE, saving the planet is srs bsns) was an Okami HD PSN code, which I'm about to award!

I don't know if this counts as a green memory, but I will share just the same. It was late June 1993, and I was on my way to my first week long hiking trip with the local Boy Scout troop, they called it "Long Term." We would be hiking through Yosemite on a trail called "The Silver Moccasin." I didn't so much mind leaving on this trip because I knew after the week was over I'd be coming home to my very own copy of SF2 Turbo for my SNES. Also this is a trail my older brother quit on, so it was important that I finish this trail, not just because he quit but I also wanted it to be among the list of my achievements before going for Eagle Scout (the highest rank). The trail was a hard walk and when we weren't busy hiking or setting up our camp for the night, I daydreamed about playing Turbo. I think I can truly attribute my motivation to SF for finishing that trip, because when I got home my game was sitting on my bed. I had experienced and amazing trip with my dad, and accomplished something no one thought I would finish. Thanks Capcom for the motivation!
A genuine Boy Scout, aiming for the Eagle rank, daydreaming of SNES SFII Turbo as he takes in the majesty of Yosemite. Brings a tear to my eye!
Some other comments I yanked from the list, though p much all of them were great:


My Greenest CAPCOM Memory would have to be Blanka from Street Fighter II, because he generates his own electricity.



For me it would be Mega Man Zero 4's ending. Zero saving Area Zero from getting destroyed by Ragnarok, and saving the land and people below.



The best Earth-friendly moment in Capcom games has to be in Okami when you restore Shinsuu Field. It's really amazing as the flowers bloom and restore the land to its natural glory. Breathtakingly beautiful

An Earth-unfriendly moment, however, would have to be when you burn the trees in Slash Man's stage in Mega Man 7. Why? Because Protoman told you to.



Onimusha series without a doubt had some of my favorite greenery in games.
I'll let these screenshots do the talking...


I remember in Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue Version, the net Navi Plantman was making trees and vines grow all over a hospital and was basically making nature destroy you.  It was like the Happening or something.  I defeated him of course and got the plants under control again, but it goes to show you that you want to make sure that plants are not to be trifled with.

And on a side-note, even though it's Nintendo published, Capcom developed The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, which had some of the most gorgeous sprite based plant life I've ever seen, especially when you shrank to the size of the minish and walked past giant mushrooms and grass blades.  To this day The Minish Cap remains my most beautiful GBA game of all time.



My "nature-y shoutout" is dedicated to the original Street Fighter 2, World Warriors. In Sagat's stage there was a giant Palm tree in thee middle of the level but they chopped it down from later versions of the game. So yeah, this shoutout is to that tree! I've included some pics too. :)


Zenny Lee

My greenest Capcom memories are all related to the Megaman X series. It seemed to fall off later in the series but defeating a boss in Megaman X would change the weather in the following stages. For instance defeating Launch Octopus would flood out Sting Chameleon's stage allowing you to get an underwater jump to achieve the heart piece. On that note I would also like to give a shoutout to the wire sponge stage in Megaman X2 for the weather changing crystal stations. Those were by far my favorite green moments in almost any game ever.

The Breath of Fire series had tons of wonderful greenery. BoF1 had a quest that involved Ryu, Nina & Bo restoring a decrepit, zombie town back into a pretty, lush & green village using enchanted jar of water (or as Ted Woolsey translated it, WtrJr).

BoF2 had a party member, Spar, who was actually from the genderless Grassmen clan, who could move through dense forests when in the front of the party. There's a subplot in the game in which Spar is needed in order to communicate with the forests to figure out why the wildlife in Ryu's hometown is dying. Spar also has this badass "Nature" ability in battle in which it can cause natural objects in a battle sequence like a tree or a cactus to aid in battle. For example, it can summon a tree to attack the enemy if the battle takes place in a forest, and using "Nature" when in the desert will cause cacti to explode, damaging enemies.

BoF3 also features a mutant plant character named Peco, who communicates with the world tree Yggdrasil and can end up being one of the biggest powerhouses in the game. He's also ridiculously adorable.

BoF4 also has a ton of beautiful forested locales and grasslands. Perhaps some of the prettiest of the series!

BoF5 features some beautiful earthy elements, but those are hugely spoilerific :P

Share your greenest Capcom memories, maybe win Okami HD

Eyyyy it's Earth Day here in the US, so it seems fitting to slap a bunch of woodland imagery together and celebrate our fair planet! But doing so could earn you a download code for Okami HD, enabling you to further spread good green vibes around the world.

Years ago I wrote a rather silly tribute to the greenest games of the day, but this time around I'm zeroing in on Capcom titles that contain some kind of nature-y shoutout. Maybe give 'em a spin before April 23 arrives, and share  your  favorite earth-friendly Capcom moment in the comments for a chance at the code!

Okami HD

Well duh. The whole point of Okami is to undo a bunch of cursed, toxic damage done to the environment, so this takes the (sustainably made!) cake. Ammy leads the pack when it comes to beautification of the world around us.

Dragon's Dogma

Roaming around Gransys leads to many stunning vistas and flowing foilage, but my favorite was always a pawn commenting on the size and majesty of a nearby tree. 'Tis grand, this one.

Mega Man

Hard to narrow this one down, but from Wood Man to Plant Man to the Forest of Dysis, the Mega Man series is packed with gorgeous greenery. 

DuckTales Remastered

Save the Amazon with ol' Scrooge and you'll be rewarded with the Sceptre of the Incan King. Oh and I guess a ton of wildlife and oxygen-producing trees? That's probably worth something too.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

As with Mega Man, the MH series features numerous forested areas in which to do battle. But one of our favorites is the Misty Peaks, most recently seen in MH3U. Take time to smell the roses, but do be on the lookout for a hungry Nargacuga...

Naturally this is not the end-all be-all of Capcom's earthen contributions. Share  your  favorite moment of Capcom-based foilage and we'll pick our favorite comment as the winner of an Okami HD (that's PS3, btw) code for the North American PSN store .

Ya got til 10am PST April 23 to get your comment in!

Street Fighter Inspired Art Posters

The fine folks at Fro Design Co  have put together some amazing vintage travel posters based off of stages from Street Fighter II. They even included the now defunct Transworld Airlines  in the posters, as they were prevalent in the late 80's, early 90's. Continue on for more or go here to order .

Street Fighter Online Series Update

The first tournaments for the Street Fighter Online Series, the online portion of the Capcom Pro Tour hosted by Virgin Gaming, just went live yesterday for both PS3 and Xbox 360.  The speed at which the spots filled up in the United States and Europe has been blistering to say the least. There seems to be some confusion on how the online tournaments will work, so please read below for a full explanation.

Online tournaments will take place regularly in North America, Latin America and Europe.  Once the qualification portion of the tournament begins, it’s a race to fill up the bracket.  Players will need to win three matches in a row, to then be able to qualify for the double elimination bracket.  These qualifying matches can be played at any point until April 15th, however once the 16 spots are accounted for, the qualifying matches end.  If you happen to be returned to the landing page upon signing up, it’s because the cap has already been met, and the double elimination bracket has been filled.

For those who have made it in, the double elimination bracket will take place on April 15 th , and all players in the bracket will receive ranking points toward the Capcom Cup this December.    

Currently spots have been completely filled for the United States Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 tournaments, and Europe’s Xbox 360 tournament.  There are still spots available for PlayStation 3 in Europe, as well as both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Latin America. 

For the future online tournaments, we plan on increasing the cap based on demand per region. So to those who did not make it in this time, look forward to next month and another chance to win those ever so sweet Capcom Pro Tour points. 

Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Events and Player Results Updated

Last weekend two awesome events happened that showed off some extremely high level SSFIV AE ver 2012 play. Both definitely had surprising results, which have added some new faces to the Capcom Pro Tour point rankings. Head over to the Capcom Pro Tour site to see who these players are and be sure to check out the newly added full player standings to see how the rest of the competition is stacking up.

FREEDOM PREVAILS: A Capcom Tribute to Captain America

When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yiiiiiiield

It would certainly seem The Walt Disney Company has me buy the short and curlies these days, and once again, it’s leaking over into Unity. I mean, at least DuckTales: Remastered provided a somewhat legitimately reason for gushing about Mouse-related properties, but what I did with Monster Hunter and the new Muppets movie teeters upon the line being inexcusable. So thank goodness for the release of Captain America: Winter Soldier, as it puts crossover nerdom into much more justifiable Unity territory!

We’re all excited about Marvel’s new film after all, so why not concoct a soaring tribute to one of their most enduring heroes with the wonderful representation he’s enjoyed via Capcom throughout the last two decades?! Here’s to you, Cap!


Online Tournaments for Capcom Pro Tour Points Announced

Earlier last month I announced the arrival of the Capcom Pro Tour . In the announcement we mentioned that there were going to be six spots available for the Capcom Cup, which would be awarded to those who accumulated the highest amount of Capcom Pro Tour points this year. In addition to the points gained from the premier events and ever growing ranking events, we are now pleased to introduce the online events, hosted by Virgin Gaming. Head over to Capcom Pro Tour for the official announcement. 

Subtle Capcom references pop up in Steven Universe

A little bit of DuckTales/Mega Man love courtesy of Cartoon Network

As spotted by Espiownage , Cartoon Network gave a little shoutout to the lil' blue bot on its March 17th episode of Steven Universe, “ Onion Trade .” While some folks in the Mega Man forums  are debating whether or not the opening scene, which establishes Stephen’s love for a set toys that all have the last name “Guy”, is intentionally referencing Mr. Man, allow me to settle this for you: It does.

Come on, look at that screen! Watch the episode and see for yourself.

If that weren’t enough Capcom reverence for ya, there was also a clever, fairly specific DuckTales nod later in the same episode (about 45 seconds into this clip .) I’ve only watched the first episode of Steven Universe, but I thought it was fantastic. However, what I love even more than new shows like this and Gravity Falls referencing the beloved Capcom games from my youth, it’s that they’re being broadcast to an audience made up largely of viewers too young to have actually experienced them.

Previously in Animated Capcom References, Gravity Falls !

Yes, I’m aware many adults watch the show too, but they’re expected to laugh at these references. If the kiddies get the 8/16-bit references, great! If they don’t, I imagine it’s like the befuddlement I experienced seeing references to WWII rationing and/or Jimmy Durante caricatures in old Looney Tunes cartoons. And that kind of stuff either made me more aware of a previous generations’ pop culture and/or made me more curious to find out more. Apologies for babbling on about cartoons yet again , but the prospect of an 8-year-old either knowing or getting to know Mega Man makes me want to hug the whole dang planet.


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